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For the list of companies that offer oil types that meet the Volvo Drain Specification, refer to Service Bulletin 175-62, “Approved Oils, Volvo Components”. For more information … Volvo Engine Oil VDS-5 is uniquely formulated heavy-duty diesel engine oil incorporating proprietary additive technology. It is designed to provide optimum performance in all Volvo 13L Euro 6 step D engines, in terms of function, performance and durability. [ Filed Diesel Engine Oil List ] 1 April 2021 Brand Name Submitter Name Oil Code Classification Viscosity Grade 117* Hokuren Agri-Pro All-Around D 15W-40 Hokuren Federation of Agricultural Cooperative D081HKR247 DH-2 15W-40 118* HINO Blue Ribbon e-PRO EXTRA ecogreen NEO Hino Motors, LTD. SCANIA LDF-4 is used as factory fill for Euro 6 vehicles and is approved for the D13 and D9 engines from Euro 1 to Euro 6, as well as for gas engines. Products meeting SCANIA LDF-4 can be used in nearly all SCANIA vehicles. Excluded are currently only the V8 engines, for which the previous specifications (SCANIA LDF-3 and SCANIA LA) remain valid. Premium Blue® Extreme Full Synthetic 5W-40 Engine Oil Valvoline’s Premium Blue Extreme Engine Oil is endorsed by Cummins Engine Company and is approved against the CES 20081 specification.

Volvo vds-4 approved oil list

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This demonstrates that Volvo Engine Oil VDS-4 … • Volvo/Mack GHG ‘17 diesel engines are factory filled with VDS 4.5/EOS 4.5 (API CK-4) SAE 10W-30 approved diesel engine oils. • Volvo/Mack does not allow the use of any API FA-4 diesel engine oils in any of their newer or older model diesel engines. Heavy duty engine manufacturer’s recommended oil drain intervals indicated in this ,-)$-.#(&/01-#*234"#%&5!"##$%&'"'()*+,-.#(&/0./0# !"'12 )'3 4#5#/%# 6/7# 8939::; 678 96 :6 8<=>?@a%,#"bac#d155#0a$"#25/c#%&155#0a$8efgh8(i-22"'b#jka5%(l'5b'*'m2'$#$0 Volvo Drain Specification (VDS) for VDS-3 and VDS-4 oil. VDS defines the Volvo Group requirements on engine oil specifications to ensure protection against e.g. cylinder-polishing, ring wear, camshaft/ valve train wear, high oil consumption. The VDS Standards defines the usage of engine oil in Volvo Penta engines requiring VDS approved oils as VDS-4 (15W 40) Diesel Engine Oil. For a list of Volvo Penta Chemical Products and their Aftermarket Equivalents, click here.


We spend years of research and testing to produce the parts that make your Volvo deliver the highest productivity and profitability, over and over again. Engine oil VDS-4 15W/40 SAFETY DATA SHEET 85121022 Product no.: 85121022 C Supplier's details : Telephone no.

Volvo vds-4 approved oil list

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Volvo vds-4 approved oil list

This engine oil is specifically designed to meet the latest Volvo, Daimler, Detroit, Latest generation Volvo trucks and buses requiring VDS-5 (D13 Euro 6D This product meets or exceeds the requirements of: API FA-4. Cummins CES 2 Volvo/Mack GHG '17 diesel engines are factory filled with VDS 4.5/EOS 4.5 (API CK-4) SAE 10W-30 approved diesel engine oils. • Volvo/Mack does not allow  Veedol motor oil and achieves a record 3271-1.

Volvo vds-4 approved oil list

Toyota - 2009 Camry LE Buring oil. Vds C3 pluriel ttes options HDI ct ok TB tat. Restaurants > Columbine: A tasteful, warm decor matches a wonderful menu. Riga tourist guide review. Heavy-Duty Ripper/Frost Ripper for Mini Excavators ALL BRANDS IN STOCK. $1,150 bild dölj den Wacker Neuson Excavator 38Z3 VDS. $27,000 (Lynchburg) Pneumatic Gear Oil Dispenser. $100 (roa > Volvo BML120 parts.
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The new Volvo VDS-5 specification will deliver 0.5% fuel economy improvements and 50% oil drain interval extensions. Phase one of the specification was completed in mid-2019, with phase two due for completion by the end of 2019. - May allow longer oil drain intervals - Will better protect against carbon build-up on hot surfaces (pistons, turbo chargers etc.) • Most Current CJ-4/VDS-4 oils will not pass T13 test • Volvo has stricter limits than API CK-4 for VDS-4.5 on - IR Oxidation 80 vs. 125 in peak height - Viscosity increase kv@40°C 40% vs.

CAT ECF-3. DEUTZ DQC IV-10 LA, DETROIT. DIESEL 93K218, MACK EO-O. PREMIUM VOLVO TRANSMISSION OIL. 97303: 039  18 Nov 2015 Drive a Volvo and looking for the correct oils with Volvo approval. Here is a list of some of Ravenol's Volvo related lubricants. If you are still not VOLVO VDS-4, RAVENOL Low Emission Truck SAE 15W-40.
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Volvo vds-4 approved oil list

Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online Nynas tekniska och kemiska utveckla Nynas position som ledande specia kompetens, tillsammans med en djup för list när det NYNAS ÅRSREDOVISNING 2011 Aktieägare Styrelsen övervakar VDs Volvo Car Corporation, Engine Division. I believe that what I-Shift did for gearboxes, this will do for steering. Vad I-Shift gjorde för växellådan, gör nu VDS för styrningen. One of the gearboxes contained oil and therefore it was not possible to In the fall of 2003 with specific interest in the gearboxes M31 and M41 it is possible to list the following two tables.

Please Select Volvo Penta Genuine Diesel Engine Oil Mineral 15W40 VDS3 (Volvo drain spec 3) 1 ltr was 22479638, 3840002, replaced by 23909453, 5 ltr was 22479642, 3840003 replaced by 23909454 and . 20ltr was 22479643, 3840004 replaced by 23909456 . OR Volvo Trucks North America The letters and numbers on a jug of engine oil stand for more than you might viscosity – 10W-30 – as the current Volvo VDS-4 . Online shop with VOLVO VDS-4 - compliant Engine oils by various manufacturers.
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The updated specifications will no longer follow API’s base oil interchange rules for the Volvo … VDS-4.5 meets new Volvo VDS-4.5 engine specifications and exceeds the new API CK-4 specification. VDS-4.5 Premium Engine Oil is the same viscosity – 10W-30 – as the current Volvo VDS-4 factory-fill oil but with enhanced performance for oil SAE: SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers International, an organization that Volvo has developed its own specifications (e.g. VDS-4.5 for engine oils) and Texaco® products are approved against these key requirements. In addition, our products cover a full range of approvals for other manufacturers, meaning that we can meet the demands of other vehicles as well as your core Volvo fleet.

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The VDS Standards defines the usage of engine oil in Volvo Penta engines requiring VDS approved oils as ATO 12 Refer to the approved oils list (SB 175–61) 17.9 quarts. ATO 13/ATO 14 Refer to the approved oils list (SB 175–61) 20.5 quarts. Fuel Ventilation. Fuel Tank Ventilation Filter. Some vehicles are equipped with a fuel tank ventilation filter. This filter must accompany the fuel tank if the tank is relocated.